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Propagating houseplants is a great way to expand your plant collection for free! It’s easy, fun and rewarding! Here’s how!

1 – Clean the tubes

Use a brush and soap before each use for best results

2 – Fill your propagation station with water.

Don’t overfill, but give your plants a good amount to drink :)

3 – Trim

Choose a healthy house plant like a pothos. Locate the node on the plant. The node looks like a brow bump on the stem. Cut below the node so each cutting includes at least one node.

4 – Submerge

Set your cutting into the water in the propagation station tube.

5 – Replace the water every couple days

This will keep the plant healthy and happy.


6 – Transfer

Move the plant to a larger pot and enjoy :)

Your propagation stations can be used to propagate many different plants. Some of the easiest plants to propagate include — pathos, philodendrons, monsteras, and ZZ Plants.
Happy Growing!

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